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  • Colorado Mountains Fishing Backpacking

    For vacation, backpacking in Colorado

    During the 1970s, Caterpillar’s vacation period ran the first two weeks in July. I had a good friend Derike Goode from Mazon with whom I worked, hunted and fished. With vacation approaching, we both decided to take a trip out west. We decided on Colorado …

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  • Pinewood

    Mussel-Free act would implement boating fee

    State Senate passed House Bill 1008 by a 24-10 vote on Tuesday Boaters in Colorado would have to pony up as part of an effort to continue staving off an invasive mussel infestation in the state — which officials say would be crippling to recreation …

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  • Outdoors Child Fishing

    Interactive Map – Colorado Statewide Fishing Conditions – April 14, 2018

     Conditions Report – Statewide Rivers and Creeks As we are approach the spring season, we will begin seeing increased flows and decreased clarity in our waters. This means anglers must use a bit larger and flashier presentations when fishing these conditions. The spawn beds …

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