25 – 50 Acres of Land for Sale in Colorado

For most people, the idea of breaking free from the day to day grind of fighting traffic, sitting at a desk all day, enduring boring meetings, and repeating the process all throughout the week is just a fantasy. We get so locked into our routines that when it comes to even thinking about a way to escape the mundanity of our daily lives, it’s next to impossible to think outside of that box. But what if you had the choice of another “box”? What if that box was a plot of recreational real estate you could call your own that was 25-50 acres, a home away from home that you could disappear to whenever the mood struck you?

    Colorado properties are taking off, with recent years being some of the highest recreational real estate values to date. But that does not mean that a plot of land 25-50 acres in area is priced out of your range. There are plenty of listings to choose from, spanning the width and breadth of Colorado’s diverse landscape. From rolling plains to forested mountainsides and all points in-between, Colorado has such a scope of different landscapes, any number of them is certain to appeal to you. For avid outdoor enthusiasts, many of these properties are situated within striking distance of public lands such as BLM, National Forests, and State Parks. These sites are ideal for adventure sports such as mountain biking, backpacking, hiking, and even whitewater rafting, but with an acreage of this size, there’s a good chance you don’t have to go very far to enjoy what you love doing on your own recreational real estate!

    Hunters, fishermen, and other sportsmen can find their ideal weekend hunting spot or take their lives off the grid and enjoy the solitude a cabin offers for either vacation or permanent retirement. Many of our properties still retain water and mineral rights for their deed holders, which opens up many prospects for hobbies or even business. A 25-50 acre of land spread is just big enough to get you set up on an off-the-grid ranch with a small herd of livestock, just like the homesteaders did who settled this state a hundred years ago or more. Or disappear for several hours on your own land, fishing for trout or glassing for elk on a cool late summer morning.

    Colorado Mountain Property – Your Recreational Real Estate Broker

    Our team of realtors knows a lot about what outdoorsmen are looking for in recreational real estate because we are outdoors enthusiasts ourselves. We have helped countless investors who want their own slice of Colorado’s natural beauty and are dedicated to preserving the local flavor and culture of the areas we serve. For our agricultural properties, we have sold ranches from just a few hundred acres to thousands. Many of the hunting properties we have listed include water access, large plots, and open fields. If you are looking for your next favorite hunting, fishing, camping, or outdoor recreation spot, contact Colorado Mountain Realty. Whether you’re looking to buy a small ranch or a thousand-acre hunting paradise, we’ve got you covered. Our team of realtors is here to help you find that slice of Colorado that has been calling your name to take you away from it all.