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A place to call your own

Owning land is something that has been ingrained in many of us for generations. Property ownership is not only a point of pride but a matter of personal freedom and security. When a person owns their own land, especially land that they can work and provide a livelihood for themselves and their family, they don’t need to rely so much on the system to make their way in the world. Many of us have realized that living a life in the suburbs is not the kind of life for us.

Mowing your lawn isn’t the same as tilling the fields or harvesting crops. Asking an HOA if you can put a garden gnome on your porch cannot compare to mornings you can walk outside and breathe cool mountain air before walking down to a pond to catch brown trout for dinner. At Colorado Mountain Property, we recognize that not everyone has the same dreams of hearing the neighborhood kids hit that backboard with their basketball a thousand times a day or the screech of an ambulance siren on the highway.

Let us work for you

We have helped countless investors find the land of their dreams, and start their path to working their own land, whether it is a hobby farm or a thousand-acre cattle ranch. Our land listings bring you closer to that goal of having your own place, to build a legacy for your family, or just to own a slice of Colorado’s natural beauty.

If ranching and farming isn’t your thing, you can find your home away from it all, either settling permanently in a mountain cabin, or just a place to hang your hat on the weekends or summers to get a little peace and quiet from the city. For retirement or leisure with friends or family, we have dozens of listings that will inspire you to take the next step. We specialize in finding properties for outdoorsmen, whether it is hunting, fishing, or four-wheeling, hiking, or boating that fuel your spirit. Many of our listings include water access, open fields, mountain properties, and even large plots. It’s your business what you want to do with it after that.

Your Ranch Property Broker

We are a team of passionate outdoorsmen that are local to Colorado. Contact Colorado Mountain Realty if you are ready to take the next step towards finding a place you can call yours. We’ve got you covered, from ranch properties, hunting cabins, off-roading base camps, and everything in-between. Contact us today, and we can help you find what you’re looking for.