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  • Benefits Of Investing In Land Near National Parks

    The Benefits Of Investing In Land By National Parks

    At Colorado Mountain Realty – Mossy Oak Properties, we have a lot of plots of land for sale in Colorado, and no two pieces of land are alike. Location is one of the many factors that you must take into account when looking at ranch …

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  • Colorado Ranch Land

    The Benefits Of Buying Ranch Land In Colorado

    Investing in ranch land in Colorado is a great way to own your very own “slice of paradise” in the Rocky Mountains. Not only will you enjoy a relaxed, comfortable lifestyle that’s more in tune with the natural world, but you can also enjoy a …

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  • The Top 5 Things To See In Colorado

    Enjoy The Natural Beauty Of The Rockies Colorado has a lot to offer. Whether you’re a future resident looking for Colorado mountain property for sale, or you’re just passing through, here are a few of the top things you can see in The Centennial State. …

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  • Mountain Housing Market Sees Record-Highs Due to Pandemic

    Drastic Changes For Mountain Real Estate Anyone planning on buying land for sale in Colorado is naturally curious about current trends and what the state of the market is dictating. As all of us here at Colorado Mountain Realty have noticed a drastic uptick in …

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  • House On Land

    Purchasing Land Vs. Buying a Pre-Built House

    Are you considering purchasing a beautiful home or land for sale in the scenic and the recreation-rich state of Colorado? Both decisions need a fair amount of research and have some pros and cons to think about to assure that you end up making the …

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  • Secluded Mountain Property Work From Home

    Satellite Internet Enables You To Work From Home At A Secluded Property

    COVID-19 has changed work in a major way in America. More people are working remotely than ever, which has created more demand for high-speed internet in rural areas – particularly in Colorado, which had a goal of connecting up to 92% of rural communities to …

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  • mountain land

    Current Market Investment Opportunities – Is Now A Good Time to Buy Land in Colorado?

    In the last few months, people around the world have been facing many challenges. Up until now, people often subscribed to an ideal of convenience, where their lives took them to metro areas which were close to highways, schools, hospitals, and their work lives. Recent …

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  • Mueller State Park – An Example of Colorado’s Beautiful Landscape

    When the early settlers rolling into Colorado land first saw the Rocky Mountains, they must have stopped dead in their tracks.  After weeks of crossing the Great Plains in wagons, they met a wall of lush, forested mountains with white snow-capped peaks.  Among the most …

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  • Pike’s Peak: America’s Mountain

    Pikes Peak has been a destination for people in Colorado since it was discovered in the 1700s by Spanish settlers. A rendezvous point for several Native American tribes; it stood even then as a sentinel rising above the plains. In those days, it was known …

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  • Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument

    Teller County is home to a truly unique piece of Colorado landscape. Around 35 million years ago, this area was home to several active volcanoes as well as an abundance of flora and fauna. The land flourished with primordial forests like the redwoods or sequoias …

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