Purchasing Land Vs. Buying a Pre-Built House

Are you considering purchasing a beautiful home or land for sale in the scenic and the recreation-rich state of Colorado? Both decisions need a fair amount of research and have some pros and cons to think about to assure that you end up making the best decision for you.

Differences to Consider When Buying Ranch Property for Sale in Colorado Vs. a House

One of the most noticeable differences between the two is the way in which the loans are structured. The buyer looking for Colorado recreational land for sale will find many various options when it comes to a mortgage, while some loans for land have a time limit on full repayment. For a land loan, the down payments and interest rates tend to be higher than a house mortgage. Colorado Mountain Realty is a premier source of expertise and assistance to help you with your decision.

If land is the best decision for you, you will find that interest rates and down payments can be higher on land loans than mortgages. A large amount of the available land we have for sale already have properties built on them, and there are many benefits of securing a land purchase with cash. Our expert staff can carefully advise you on the best options and realize the dream of a place to call your own situated against a backdrop of world-class nature and scenery.

Why is Buying Land Viable?


The climate as of late has experienced fierce competition and bidding wars for property. Homes with some age may come with the need for urgent repair, and some brand-new houses are being purchased before the construction is even complete. If the current situation in urban areas is letting you down time after time, making a pristine slice of nature your very own and overseeing your own custom-build may be much more satisfying.

Our team is made up of Colorado natives and locals who boast years of experience and backcountry knowledge of the areas where we have Colorado mountain property for sale. There is a vast amount of liberation and personal independence to be found here away from neighbors and intrusions, here in the state where “The sky is blue, the sun is bright, just how the world was designed to be.”

What are Some Important Things to Look for When Buying Land?


You will want to make sure that you have enough of a budget to pave the way for building a home and purchasing the needed land. Contact Colorado Mountain Realty to explore properties that offer large lots, access to water, and utility lines running to the home. Thanks to the convenience and modernization of many local companies, there is now satellite internet available throughout the mountains of Colorado. The events of this year have left more people than ever with the option (or mandate!) of working remotely, and doing so with a mountain view would be an opportunity to fully tap into your creativity and potential away from the noise and air pollution!

How an Experienced Expert Makes for a Smooth Transaction:


We have been involved in the sale of land varying in size from small to large, and in picturesque areas such as Lake Turquoise and Black Mountain. Inside knowledge regarding local land surveying professionals, city ordinances, and zoning laws make buying property here in Colorado a task that you’ll want the best of assistance with. When looking to live in the most rural and secluded areas the rewards are plenty, but you will also want the expertise of us here at Colorado Mountain Realty to finalize the plans of your personalized place among the peace of peaks and valleys.