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Colorado is one of the most beautiful states in the country. From sun-kissed prairies of grasses nodding in the wind to shining mountains and evergreen forests, Colorado contains within its borders a multitude of climates, terrain, and cultures. Once a haven for large acreage agriculture, where some ranches would encompass thousands of acres, Colorado is opening up to development.

Communities are growing and smaller cities and towns are stretching out, with many plots of land being near National Forest and public land, which preserves the vistas from your property for generations to come. Now is the time you can stake your own claim on some truly spectacular land that is picture-perfect. You can purchase your own land by the acre and Mossy Oak Properties has plenty of acreage for sale in Colorado.

Search our listings to find the remote land for sale that strikes your fancy. Our listings are easy to search through and always moving. Like the Colorado weather, if you don’t like what you see right now, just wait, and it will change. We have large and small acreages available to fit your budget or allow you to set up a place where neighbors are just a rumor.

Our listings are very diverse. Some have streams and rivers for fishing. If it is a mountain area you are looking for, some have cabins for hunting excursions and rustic mountain living. Shop our acreage for sale in Colorado today!

More Than 200 Acres

Why Buy Large Acreage Properties (200+) In Colorado? The Benefits Large acreage properties in Colorado may be a great investment for family getaways, for recreational activities such as hunting, fishing, hiking, and camping, or even for smaller-scale commercial use,...

150 – 200 Acres

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100 – 150 Acres

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75 – 100 Acres of Land for Sale In Colorado

The old saying says that "fences make great neighbors," but there is something even better if you enjoy a solitary lifestyle and that is sheer acreage between you and the neighbors. With your choice of 75-100 acres of land for...

50 – 75 Acres

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25 – 50 Acres of Land for Sale in Colorado

For most people, the idea of breaking free from the day to day grind of fighting traffic, sitting at a desk all day, enduring boring meetings, and repeating the process all throughout the week is just a fantasy. We get so locked into our routines that when it comes to...

Under 25 Acres

The Benefits Of Owning Less Than 25 Acres of Land In Colorado Have you been entertaining the idea of acquiring some Colorado mountain property to bring you closer to the great outdoors? Whether you're an avid hunter, angler, or hiker, proximity to some of the most...

Types of land

Our properties are as varied as the landscape. We offer ranches, acreage, waterfront, luxury homes, vacation cabins, and undeveloped land.  Many of our properties have full water rights, mineral rights, and just might be the spot you are looking for to go off the grid and get away from it all. Colorado offers some world-class venues for outdoor activities. Whether you are looking for a jumping-off point to more popular locations or finding your niche locally, making a plot of remote land in Colorado your home puts you up close and personal to everything you love. Using this page, you can shop our Colorado land for sale by acreage, but the options are almost limitless for what you can do on your new piece of land:

  • Hunting
  • Fishing
  • Camping
  • Climbing
  • Backpacking
  • Bird watching
  • Farming
  • Weekend getaways
  • Vacation escapes
  • Summer home

Find Your Large Property With Colorado Mountain Realty – Mossy Oak Properties

Shop our remote land for sale and leave the traffic, sirens, and smoke-filled skies of the city behind and find your refuge in a place where you could lose yourself looking up at the stars every night. Whether you are an avid outdoorsman or just want to enjoy the tranquility of quiet solitude, we have acreage for sale in Colorado that you have always been dreaming of. Our team of Colorado Mountain Realty agents is there to help you through the sales process.

Call to learn more about the acres we have for sale in Colorado. It will be the first step in the journey you have always wanted to take.