Boating opens March 16 at Jumbo – good fishing for walleye expected

Jumbo Reservoir, the 1,578 acre-foot reservoir located on the border of Logan and Sedgwick counties, will open to boating March 16.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife Thursday announced the start of boat inspections at Jumbo as warmer spring weather arrives. The boat inspection station will be operating from 30 minutes before sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset daily. Inspections are mandatory prior to entering the reservoir. Boating is only permitted during inspection hours and all boats must be off the water prior to the inspection station closing.

“With Jumbo’s proximity to out-of-state waters, it is considered a high risk for introduction of aquatic invasive species such as zebra and quagga mussels” said Robert Walters, Invasive Species Specialist for Colorado Parks and Wildlife, “Through our mandatory inspection and decontamination program and with the continued support of the reservoirs users, we have successfully kept these invasive species out of Jumbo’s waters.”

The reservoir, which is used for agricultural irrigation, was completely drained in 2006 due to severe drought conditions. In 2012, drought again reduced the water level to a maximum depth of 3 feet, prompting a fish salvage that allowed anglers to catch thousands of fish, mostly walleye.

Since then, CPW crews have worked to restore the fishery by stocking walleye and other sportfish species. Based on 2017 fall sampling, anglers can expect a good walleye bite as soon as the boat ramp opens. For more information about the fishery at Jumbo Reservoir anglers can visit the Fish Survey Summary on the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website.

Anyone accessing the Jumbo Reservoir State Wildlife Area is required to possess an annual access permit or Colorado hunting or fishing license.

All boat owners are required to clean, drain, and dry their boats. This process includes removing water drain plugs and aquatic vegetation before the first launch of the season. After that, owners must do so every time they leave a body of water. For additional information on the watercraft inspection and decontamination program visit

Originally posted at the Journal-Advocate by Colorado Parks and Wildlife on 03/08/2018. Courtesy photo.