Colorado Land For Sale Bordering BLM Government Land

Colorado Land For Sale Bordering BLM

The days of westward expansion and homesteading are long gone. In 1976, the Homestead Act was repealed by an act of Congress, meaning that the western states–where millions of acres of land sat untouched and unused, were no longer available. These BLM owned acreages became lands for public use, as well as being available for leasing for activities such as logging, mining, or grazing. Colorado is among many western states where the BLM maintains these public lands. For nearly 45 years, however, there have been different ways to still obtain land maintained by the Bureau of Land Management, or BLM. Find your Colorado land for sale bordering BLM land today to have some nice, quiet neighbors!

Much of the land designated as public lands is small plots that are either too remote or isolated from public use or access due to their location. Public lands are often sold to municipalities for expansion, such as with roads or expanding cities and towns. Private ownership is also workable, especially if the land isn’t congruous to other public lands or selling it would be beneficial to development. In which case, there is some wiggle room when it comes to obtaining Colorado land for sale on or bordering BLM land free and clear by purchasing them from the Federal government.

While there are rules for selling land that borders BLM, there are many pros to buying these types of properties. BLM land for sale is often isolated, undeveloped, and exactly what avid hunters and anglers are looking for in a property to get away from it all. For those interested in ranching and small-scale agriculture, property bordering BLM lands might be exactly what they need in terms of acreage, access to grazing, and wide-open spaces that don’t conflict with municipal zoning laws.

For outdoorsmen, the variety of BLM Colorado land for sale or exchange is as varied as the fish and wildlife that are available every year for harvest. With a diversity of biomes in Colorado to choose from, it is no wonder our state has become a world-class destination for sportsmen around the world. What could be better than owning your own hunting/fishing property in Colorado? How about previously undeveloped land that has remained just as it has been for thousands of years!

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How do we know so much about what our clients want? It is because our team consists of outdoor enthusiasts just like yourselves, who not only respect the local flavor and traditions of the area but are dedicated to the use and development of these BLM lands in a way that is beneficial to the community and our property investors. We have helped countless investors who want their own slice of Colorado’s natural beauty, from listing Colorado land for sale bordering BLM with a few hundred acres to plots ranging in the thousands. Many of our hunting property listings include water access, large acreage spreads, and even open fields where the sky goes on forever.

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Whether you’re looking to buy a small ranch or a thousand-acre property to run cattle, we’ve got you covered when it comes to Colorado land for sale bordering BLM. Hunting spots, weekend cabin getaways, and secluded fishing spots are just some of what we have to offer. Contact us today, and discover what Colorado has to offer!