Mountain Housing Market Sees Record-Highs Due to Pandemic

Drastic Changes For Mountain Real Estate

Anyone planning on buying land for sale in Colorado is naturally curious about current trends and what the state of the market is dictating. As all of us here at Colorado Mountain Realty have noticed a drastic uptick in activity over this year, as the pandemic has squeezed dwellers out of many cities. As the stresses of the state of the world creep in for many, the tranquility and fresh air that mountain properties offer seem even more inviting.

Many buyers we have helped and talked to lately have noticed one thing about the mountain living market immediately: demand is larger than the supply, and many buyers are looking for their own slice of paradise right here in Colorado. The month of August saw sales in areas near Breckenridge double from last year, and prices are rising as well. When using a single-family dwelling as a traditional comparison, prices have risen on average about $50,000 from this time last year.

When the pandemic first hit in March, property brokers were afraid that the situation would be a complete disaster, but the market has instead been very busy across every various price range. Since the rise of telecommuting since COVID has impacted so many workers, they are looking for a place to perform their duties with a heightened sense of peace, and admire how the culture for virus spread is not as reckless in the mountains as it is in urban areas.

Doubling Down on Foresight

Another frequent event taking place regarding Colorado’s recreational land for sale is the unexpected early retirement that the events of the year have brought upon many workers. In a market where properties are now seeing the shortest number of days on the market, we have helped many investors who are looking for their own property to benefit from the Rocky Mountains’ intense beauty and readily-available activities such as rock climbing, hiking, kayaking, and skiing some of the best terrains in the world.

 Buyers are now more willing to experience a bit of a risk factor with properties they have not yet seen, since this is one of the first times there have been true bidding wars in these tranquil and rural mountain counties. Purchasing a second home to use as a rental property part-time is another appealing reason to buy right now, and an aggressive offer with proper assistance and planning can yield you a very rewarding opportunity!

Reaping the Rewards of the Rocky Mountain Way

Many homeowners who realized that the city was going to be hard-pressed to continue to satisfy them quickly made their way to Colorado to explore their options, as telecommuting became easier. Builders who excitedly staked their claim much as those did during pioneer days find that once they begin, the market is so hot that passers-by are asking if they can come to look and calling to see if there is “any possible way” that they would sell the work in progress.

The pandemic has brought such a swift change to the world that a very large potential of opportunity has now arisen, and is backed by experienced professionals can assure a smooth and rewarding transaction. Many who have used our services here at Colorado Mountain Realty – Mossy Oak Properties have found themselves with a new property that was “meant to be”, and provides them the seclusion and ideal work-from-home base they always wanted. Contact us today to see exactly how we can work for you, and locate the backcountry property of your dreams!