Pike’s Peak: America’s Mountain

Pikes Peak has been a destination for people in Colorado since it was discovered in the 1700s by Spanish settlers. A rendezvous point for several Native American tribes; it stood even then as a sentinel rising above the plains. In those days, it was known as Tabegauche (pronounced Ta-ba-wach) to the Utes, which means “shining mountain.” In the mid-1800s, the Rockies beckoned European settlers heading west, after several weeks of slow going across the seemingly never-ending Great Plains. Pikes Peak is iconic of Colorado, if not the USA, in so many ways. If you have ever heard the anthem, “America the Beautiful” you already know a little bit about Pikes Peak. This is the “purple mountain majesties above the fruited plain” that Kathleen Bates wrote about. The mountain has inspired, captivated, and intimidated visitors as long as it has stood. Today, its moniker comes from mountain man and early western explorer, Zebulon Pike, who attempted to summit its peak in 1806. In his failure, he said that no man could reach the summit. Yet, in 1820, Edwin James did just that. At 14,115 feet above sea level, it stands as one of the few Colorado Rocky Mountain 14ers you can test your skills at in mountaineering, or simply drive to the top in your car to sample the thin air at the visitor center. The working cog railroad and toll road bring over 100,000 visitors to the Peak every year. We have come a long way since the times of Zebulon Pike and his expeditions.


A Place Like No Other

From Pikes Peak, you can see the expanse of the Great Plains stretching out to the east, or you can turn and face West and see the forests, valleys, and peaks of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, which haven’t changed all that much since the early days. The area is still home to deer, elk, mountain sheep, moose, and other big game. Mountain lions still stalk the pine and aspen forests of this subalpine area, and black bears roam during the summertime, feasting on wild berries, fish, and other game. The area was once home to some of the biggest mining boomtowns in the history of America, most of which have succumbed to time and faded back into the trees. Cripple Creek is a bustling gambling town with an Old West Charm you cannot soon forget. Mueller State Park invites you to enjoy the splendor of a place that has stood as the second most visited State Park in Colorado for generations. Not far from the comforts and activity of Colorado Springs, the Pikes Peak area is a stark contrast, with endless blue skies, forested mountainsides, and an entire world to explore just waiting for you.


Find Your Place In The World

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