Why Land Resource Values Constantly Change – And Why It Matters

One of the biggest changes in shopping for land for sale in Colorado is the fact that land valuations can often change significantly over time. A plot of Colorado recreational land may be valued at $200,000 one year – then may double or triple in price if natural resources are found below the land.

If you’re looking for Colorado mountain property for sale, this can pose some issues. How can you know if you’re getting a great deal? How can you get the full details about the true value of a piece of land? Learn more in this guide from Colorado Mountain Realty – Mossy Oak Properties now!

Why Do Land Resource Values Continuously Change?

There are a number of reasons that the value of ranch property for sale in Colorado may change frequently, as follows:

  • Technologies – Emerging technology can have a huge effect on land resource values. For example, before oil was discovered to be useful, it could be considered a nuisance on some properties – but once its potential was realized, properties with oil wells became extremely valuable.
  • Developer activity – If a developer is interested in operating resource extraction operations near a particular piece of Colorado recreational land, it will be valued more highly, since it’s likely that they will wish to explore that piece of land and determine if it has valuable minerals or other resources.
  • Commodity prices – In some cases, low commodity prices can cause a reduction in the value of a piece of land, because developers may not be willing to invest the necessary capital to develop the land and extract the resources.
  • Market conditions – Similarly to commodity prices, a glut of a certain resource – or a lack – can contribute to the reduction or increase of land value due to market action.
  • Costs & subsidies – As the cost of extracting a resource grows and subsidies are reduced, the overall value of a piece of land containing these resources may drop.

How Land Real Estate Agents Can Help Buyers & Sellers Value Property

At Colorado Mountain Realty – Mossy Oak Properties, we specialize in helping clients explore ranch property for sale in Colorado, and get their own slice of paradise.

One of the ways in which we assist our clients is by understanding the true value of a piece of land. Our land experts can work with state governments and energy divisions, as well as independent survey teams, in order to compile data about major land resources, access information about the value of these resources, and ensure buyers and sellers alike know how much their land is really worth.

This is a complex, deeply-involved process – and it’s one that a client interested in land for sale in Colorado may not be able to do on their own. Today, it’s still amazing how little information land owners can get about how much the resources under their property may be worth – which is why experienced land experts are so important when buying and selling Colorado mountain property.

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While the prices of land can fluctuate, the team at Colorado Mountain Realty – Mossy Oak Properties is dedicated to doing the research, understanding the true value of a piece of property, and making sure you make a great investment.
Buying ranch property for sale in Colorado is a big step, and it’s not one that should be taken lightly. But you can trust us to be on your side throughout the process – as a team of local Colorado outdoorsmen who love the lifestyle and Colorado’s natural beauty, we can guide you as you explore your options in more detail. Contact us online or give us a call at (719) 686-8744 for the guidance you need.